Monday 8th-14th September 2014

Launch Event Monday 8th September 5.30-8pm

In the 2011 election Toothfish asked you to Vote plankton. This time round its just asking you to VOTE!

The mysterious masked artist is having an exhibition of fine art and posters with a political bent to coincide with the upcoming general election this September. The opening is at the Matchbox Gallery (downstairs at 166 Cuba Street) from 5.30 - 8.00pm on the evening of September 8th, and the show runs until the 14th.

Toothfish officially came into being four years ago to draw attention to the plight of the Antarctic Toothfish and the insane fishing industry devoted to wiping the species out. Since then the project has morphed into a much larger conceptual street art/primitive art campaign on behalf of both the environment and social equality.

If Toothfish has one main aim it is to slow the human race in its mad rush over the cliff of extinction (dragging a lot of other nice plants and animals down with it). But what is Toothfish? Is it a person or a group or one masquerading as the other? It’s hard to say but if asked Toothfish prefers to think of itself as either a thing or as a powerful paranormal phenomenon.

In 2012 it had back to back exhibitions in London and Wellington and featured in the book Street Art of the World by Garry Hunter. Earlier this year it polarised public opinion with its poster depicting the Prime Minister as a smiling fascistic tyrant wedded not to the state but to the almighty dollar. Come along to the show and see what the creature’s been up to recently!

Then go and vote these bastards out!