Tuesday 17th- 29th March 2015

Launch Event Tuesday 17th March 5.30-8pm

We are a group of close friends who have been making amazing shit in the vicinity of each other for ages, we all work in average jobs and/or study but still find the time to pump out high quality shit on the regular. Recently our very own south pacific princess Tesha came up with the genius scheme that we join forces to make a show that is truly amazing, and thats what we've done. 

Each member of Our Naked Mates has (as most artists do) there own style but we all share a love for low brow, we think high art is for pussies. What we create is intended to make you smile or maybe even laugh... not think, because we all believe art should be fun rather than hard. In this show we're hoping to find an audience for our particular flavour of awesome and we're pretty sure matchbox is the place to do it.

Our Naked Mates is - Tesha Lua, Tom Wallace, Becky Popham, Brodie Nel, mike robinson and also Tash Mackie. The works will be a huge range of beautiful and fun illustrations, paintings and sculptures, each and every one sure to make you happy.