An installtion by Desi Liversage and Blue Black
Tuesday 19th February- Sunday 3rd March 2013
Launch Event Tuesday 19th February 5.30 – 8.00pm

“As children, we were both constantly told off for being dreamy, for being tardy, for being slow. We are still ‘slow’. Our lives, our art, are based on slow progress / slow process.”

Like soldiers in an army, we are told to- Hurry Up & Wait.

‘Hurry Up and Wait’ is a collaborative project between artists Desi Liversage and Blue Black, based on exploration of the body/ mind, interior/ exterior and time/ space/ place. 
‘Hurry Up and Wait’ is a visual installation with audio and lighting elements. The installation will occupy the Matchbox Studios gallery space for the duration of the exhibition, 19th February - 3rd March 2013. 

The installation will include body parts and their fluids created from crocheted wool and a range of other media, interspersed with 'action' figures formed from ceramics and forged wire. These will be positioned at floor level and across the walls of the gallery. A free-standing structure called the Tardus will have light and sound emanating from inside. The Tardus can be entered to view both figurative drawings and ceramics.