Tuesday 25th June- 7th July 2013
Launch Event Tuesday 25th June 5.30 – 8.00pm

‘Plastic Plankton’ is a series of works inspired by plankton and made out of plastic. You may think it is a random combination but there is a direct connection: plastic comes from oil (a fossil fuel) which used to be marine life, including plankton. The creator of the work, Anya Mowll, finds these creatures fascinating and inspiring, and it has a serious message behind it.

In her artist statement, Anya Mowll says: “We know it as rubbish, but it is precious. We know it as disposable, but it is forever. We know it as abundant, but we are running out. It is something we don’t ‘need’ but can’t live without. It is plastic. The exhibition ‘Plastic Plankton’ is celebrating plastic’s origins, looks at its preciousness and the problem it presents to the future of our planet. It has a value only if it is valued”. The Plastic Plankton series is the artist’s call not to promote the use of plastic, but to take good care of plastic that is already around us by recycling it rather than treating it as rubbish.

Come along to the “Plastic Plankton” exhibition, and it is possible that a plastic bottle will never look the same to you.