Saturday 22nd June, 2pm

As part of the PERSONAL IS POLITICAL exhibition

Matchbox presents 'Greasy Box' a performance by Audrey Baldwin

Through live performance, photos and video, Audrey’s work explores the body as a fraught and contentious space and seeks to critique accepted notions of power, identity and gender.

Women have oft been used as a subject of visual consumption and excessive sexual voyeurism

This performance references the ‘joke’ 

Q. Why are women like Kentucky Fried Chicken? 

A. After you’ve finished with the thigh and breasts all you’re left with is a greasy box to put your bone in!

Audrey Baldwin is a Christchurch based artist whose work aims to explore and destabilize meanings embedded in (Western) societyís ideals and norms. Her key interest lies in the body ñ as both a subject and site. Her practice encompasses live performance, photography and video and investigates themes such as gender, identity, the politics of power and dualities like public/private, abject/erotic and subject/object.