Tuesday 9th- 21st July 2013
Launch Event Tuesday 9th July 5.30 – 8.00pm

This art exhibition is a polemic against social injustice affecting Colombia.  It primarily focuses on two series: 1) 'Product of Colombia' and 2) 'Las Negritas'.

'Product of Colombia':  1.6 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day and Colombia is the third largest coffee producer the world.  However, growers receive 7-10% of the retail price of coffee in supermarkets.  Whilst this exploitation has reached public awareness there is now a growing sense of acceptance.  'Product of Colombia' reuses original Colombian coffee sacks found in New Zealand in an attempt to provide increased connection between Kiwi coffee drinkers and the families growing the coffee beans in Colombia. 

'Las Negritas':  Portraits critiquing the racial stereotypes prevalent in Latin American mass media.  Colombia has one of the highest levels of inequality in the world with a racialised class system that promotes informal separation of ethnicities which is further compounded by the reinforcement of prejudice through the Media.  This series critiques an article featured in Hola magasine in 2011 about the 'Beverley Hills' lifestyle of the Zarzur family based in Cali, Colombia. 

La Rosa is a graduate of the Cali Institute of Fine Art in Colombia. She has previously exhibited at the Cultural Centre (Cali, Colombia), the Regional Art Exhibition (Pasto, Colombia) and the National Art Exhibition (Napier, NZ).