Tuesday 6th- Sunday 11th August 2013
Launch Event Tuesday 6th August 5.30-8pm

Matchbox Studios present two solo exhibitions; Internalise and Paper Thin by Wellington based artists Natalie Smith and Ngarongo Phillips. 

We reveal our individuality not only through our visible exterior, but also through the interior of our bodies as each body is distinctly different from any other.

In her exhibition Internalise, Natalie Smith presents a series of expressive images that explore the human body. Connections are made between the internal and external and her collection of motifs provoke thought about gender and the unified experience of living. 
Natalie Smith is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses a range of media to explore her subject including, painting, printmaking, textiles and sculpture. Her body of work is driven by an interest in socially excepted perceptions of gender and the exploration of materials and their relationship to subject.

Ngarongo Phillips current body of work draws on Feminist critique to challenge social norms. Fascinated by the notion of idealised beauty, the body, and the way people’s views are constructed through consumerism, Paper Thin is a series of drawings of Barbie. Manipulating her physical presence to challenge the ideas she represents, Barbie has been deconstructed and placed in vulnerable and provocative positions. The 54 works on paper represent the 54 years that Barbie has been marketed.