Tuesday 17th- Sunday 22nd September 2013

Launch Event Tuesday 17th September 6.30-8pm

Artists Jake Fairweather and Negin Dastgheib present a joint exhibition Figures in the fields

Jake investigates what makes Modernist paintings and animation compelling to watch. How do technical mechanisms on the canvas/screen, such as gradations of tone, temperature, depth, undulating horizons and open forms  engage and immerse the viewer.

He figures that a certain amount of aesthetic durability lies in the
optical momentum created by a painting/films inner components pushing
and pulling one another. This series, consisting of paintings and
film, is inspired by the effects produced by Mark Rothko paintings:
expanding and contracting.

Negin paints from old family photograph which were taken during the
Iranian Revolution. Her images are of simple family outings yet her
use of neutral colours and fluid paint techniques not only represent
the elusive nature of history and memory, they give a sense that the
figures are under some sort of threat.

Jake and Negin are currently undertaking their honors year for a Bachelor of Fine Arts. They both specialize in painting and share similar influences from late modernist painters.