Tuesday 12th- 24th November 2013

Launch Event Tuesday 24th November 5.30-8pm

All works in this exhibition are inspired by Te Waipounamu, with a large part of that inspiration coming from being in the Southern Alps during a snow storm during the Winter. 

This project gives credence to the monolith of a square, rectangle and diamond, placing importance on the power that the shapes have to effect the viewer. These forms play off with the viewer and within their differing size range ask the viewer to question (consciously or unconsciously); Where is your heart? Where do your feet stand? What do you see?

Deano Shirriffs

Painting is a way of allowing me to enter other worlds through my connection to landscape. There is no greater teacher than nature to guide understanding of the world of light and of the world of darkness. Te Waipounamu has been a great teacher.

Through abstract painting I have attempted to channel an essence of landscape and express how this landscape exists in and out of time. An important balance has been to allow the works to hold a sense of ‘the other side of the veil’ (multi dimensional time) yet still be grounded in this world (linear time). Sacred are the steps made between worlds, and in order to start this journey the viewer needs a way in. Being earthed by gravity can help these steps. When both groundedness and etherealness react alchemically within a canvas, the veil becomes present.

This exhibition features mixed media works on canvas and paper

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