Artist Interview- Abbey Pruden

Have you visited our latest exhibition Flora and Fauna yet? So many brilliant vibrant works and there's also a 'Pop-Up' plant shop being held at weekends. Today we're talking to Wellington based Abbey Pruden, who is originally from Marlborough (top of the South Island) but moved up to Wellington to study and never left.

Q: What’s your favourite work you are exhibiting in this show?
A: Either my cactus prick design as it is a bit cheeky and represents my sense of humour perfectly or the bee's knees, I love the cheesy positivity of it - and the bumblebee seen is one of the first things I drew that helped me decide I wanted to be an illustrator!

Q: How are you at growing and keeping plants?
A: Not great... I think that's part of why I like to study plants as I draw them, in a bid to become a successful plant mother!

Q: What animal do you most identify with and why?
A: Bees! They remind me a lot of my childhood, but also I guess cause they are small and seem like they can't speak for themselves, but when pushed they know how to take care of themselves! Also, I aspire to have the work ethic of a bee, they spend their lives creating and making the world more beautiful, who doesn't want that?!


Q: What is your dream project?
A: Writing and illustrating my own book. Most likely one about bees, or maybe even a whole series about different insects...

 Q: What do you like about your work?
A: That it's a piece of me. I hand draw everything, meaning nobody can recreate something of mine exactly. I also find it a good way to escape my anxiety and the need for perfectionism - I just draw what I want, how I want to.

Come see Abbey's illustrations right now in the Matchbox Gallery and you can find out more at