Today we're talking to Laura George, the first of the artists exhibiting in our new window gallery. Come and see her work until the end of March.

What’s your favourite artwork that you are exhibiting?
Hidden ruins, it was one of my first drawings that got me hooked on this style of drawing.

If we looked in your pencil case what would we find?

Just 100s of 0.05 pens. I refuse to throw out dying ones, I’m sure I’ll find a use for them someday...
Do you have a go to snack you like to eat while getting creative?
Everything and anything I eat will smudge on the paper, no matter how far away my drawings are. So I try to stay away from eating while drawing

Which artists inspire you?
At the moment I love ‘faymoorhouse’, who inspired me to attempt drawing people. I also get a lot of inspiration from ‘ambertextiles’ and her amazing garden paintings
What is your dream project?
To work with local companies to design unique and boutique packaging for their products.
What do you like about your own work?
How you can explore them. With some many different elements within one piece, your eye is able to move around and find new bits that weren’t seen at first glance