artist interview- Rachel Budd

This evening we're talking to talented artist/illustrator Rachel Budd. Rachel is based in Wellington but is originally from Aberdeen in the UK. Her work is currently in our gallery as part of the Monochrome exhibition.

Q: What’s your favourite artwork in the exhibition?
A: Sleeping Tiger, because I only finished it the other night.

Q: Why do you work with a limited palette?
A: Black on white is a total commitment; if I screw it up, there's no escape!

Q: Share an artist or artwork you find inspiring?
A: Ralph Steadman is my favourite artist; Chuck Close's Big Self Portrait (1967-68) is amazing and what I aspire to...but with animals.

Q: If we looked in your pencil case what would we find?
A: A load of Microns, including ones with the shit beaten out of the nibs, but that I refuse to throw away because they could come in useful. And Faber-Castell 9000 series pencils.

Q: What is your dream project?
A: Creating giant monochromatic animal portraits as murals on walls in public spaces. I would happily do that for the rest of my life.

Come see Rachel's detailed drawings in the Matchbox Gallery as part of the Monochrome exhibition. You can also see more of her work online