Artist Interview- Zoe Wilhelmina

We have a new exhibition in our gallery! make sure you drop by to check out the 'Pattern' show. Today we're talking to one of the talented artists taking part Zoe Wilhelmina. Zoe is based in Wellington.

Q: What’s your favourite artwork you are showing in this exhibition?
A: Sea Anemone, it's what started this collection.

Q: What does the word Pattern make you think of?
A: Pattern to me is something that repeats. I can get really obsessed with creating a perfect seamless repeat. I think this is only something you notice in patterns if you've studied textile design.

Q: If we looked in your pencil case what would we find?
A: My pencil case is a massive plastic tub, it has everything from paint and paint brushes to fabric dye and sponges

Q: Do you have a go-to snack you like to eat while getting creative?
A: Chocolate covered peanuts and raisins plus cheese and crackers with gherkins... I need to have a sweet and savoury option. Wine can also help!

Come see Zoe's work at Matchbox now and find out more on her facebook page: