Artist interview- Kirsten Slade

This morning we're having a catch up with charming illustrator Kirsten Slade. Kirsten was born in the UK, spent her early childhood in Germany and then moved to the US. She moved to New Zealand just under a year ago and is now happily settling down in Wellington.

Q: What’s your favourite work you are exhibiting in this show?
A: Heavy Petting - it's an original comic I created just for this show. In it I tell the stories of a variety of animals I've cared for over the years - it was a bittersweet trip down memory lane for me.

Q: Do you have a pet of your own?
A: No pets just now - and it's so hard! My dream pet? Hopefully there's a delightfully scruffy little dog out there waiting for me!

Q: If we looked in your pencil case what would we find?
A: Fully loaded, I've got a travel watercolour kit, a couple of fountain pens with different width nibs, a water brush loaded with a light ink wash, a Kuretake brush pen and a Palomino Blackwing pencil.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
A: Don't waste your energy on a back-up plan!

Q: Do you do Commissions?
A: Of course! Email me at or hit me up via Instagram.

Come see Kirsten's illustrations and comic right now in the Matchbox Gallery and you can find out more at