Artist interview-  Louise Beryl

Happy FRIYAY. We're coming up to the last few days of Word Up so make sure you drop by this weekend to take I look. The last artist we're talking to is Wellington based, Louise Beryl.

Q: What artwork you in this exhibition is your favorite?
A: C is for Confetti - it's just so colourful!

Q: What's your favourite typeface?
A: Is this cheating, but typefaces to me can be quite frigid and too perfect. What I like to use and do instead is to hand-draw my own type, it gives it a bit of personality!

Q: If we looked in your pencil case what would we find?
A: Far, far too many black, fine point pens and an array of pencils!

Q: Do you have a go to snack you like to eat while getting creative?
A: Whittaker's Dairy Milk chocolate!

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
A: Don't give up, you're good enough, believe in yourself

Q: What do you listen to while you create?
A: I have a "getting shit done" playlist that is very upbeat and loud and it does what the label says!

Thanks to Louise for sharing a glimpse into your creative world. Come see Louise's work on display in our gallery until this Sunday and follow online