Chocolate Naive Hops
Chocolate Naive Hops Chocolate Naive Hops Chocolate Naive Hops

"We introduce Chocolate Naive's guide to berries: strawberries (wild or domesticated, small or big - we like to eat them whole and in big amounts),blueberries (difficult to pick, easy to overeat), and currants (they taste like...hmm...let us just say that the taste is clever!)."

A true summer flashback: words, which best describe this chocolate bar. Dark chocolate made from fine cocoa beans and blended together with three types of berries.


Ingredients: cacao beans (65%), sugar, pure cocoa butter, freeze dried berries (5% - strawberries, blueberries blackcurrants), sunflower lecithin.

100% Organic. Direct trade cacao.

*Silver medal winner at the International Chocolate Awards 2015*

May contain traces of milk, soy or nuts.