Owen McShane was an enterprising chap. As New Zealand’s first moonshiner, he made whiskey from the native Cabbage tree after discovering the Maori used it to sweeten their food. There was only one problem. They say taste comes from the nose, but his “chained lightning” as the whalers called it, not only removed the nasal lining it made some blind. How did our man convince his customers his whiskey was the real deal? A whiskey scented candle burning in every saloon from Riverton to Riversdale.

The Whiskey MANDLE recipe was rediscovered on the back of McShane’s arrest warrant and we have recreated it using local and imported ingredients. His recipe included cognac from the French in Akaroa, rum from the captain, honey from the bookkeeper, banana and pineapple from the grocers, smoked wood chips from the fireplace and some rose perfume from Miss Lola Montez.

The wooden wick speaks with a gentle crackle heard by our Pioneers’ at their camp fires. The upcycled beer bottle casing is exactly the kind of Kiwi ingenuity McShane relied on.

415g. 100% natural soy wax. 80+ hours burn time.